Monday, January 11, 2016

Website Updates

I have updated my website with quite  a few new Workshops and Classes.  Please visit and click on the Baby Lock tab.  There will be a drop-down menu that will allow you to visit several more pages of photos and text descriptions.  I also added an Itinerary page in the drop-down menu from the About Me tab that shows where I will be travelling and teaching for Baby Lock this year in 2016.  I am excited about some new ways of creating felted landscapes using a programmable part of the Baby Lock Destiny sewing machine called the IQ Designer.  It allows you to design your own embroidery without having to be a rocket scientist and here is a photo of a class sample teaching how to do this:

January Sunrise
 I am already experimenting with more ways to create detailed trees with the Destiny Embroidery machine.  I used to create trees using bobbin work and here is a sample of that from 20 years ago.

Blessed is the Woman

Here is a close-up of the trees created with couched yarn:

Here are some more projects with trees that used to be done free-motion and took a long time and a lot of skill:


January Sunrise

Saguaro Sunset
Now I can design trees on my computer, upload them into my sewing machine and stitch them out with all kinds of variations and even on top of one another.  I am so excited about this I will be teaching this to whoever invites me for a Baby Lock Embellisher/Destiny event.  Here is what the Baby Lock  Destiny machine look like:

Baby Lock Destiny Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting Machine

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