Saturday, June 29, 2013

Move to Kirkland, WA near Seattle

I’m going into my sixth month of being a travelling Guest Artist for Baby Lock presenting Embellisher classes and Free-Motion Quilting Events in sewing machine dealers all over the country.   I am not able to post as much as I used to but I hope there is enough content on this blog to keep you all informed and busy with your Embellisher projects.

So far I have travelled to:

Lancaster, PA;   New Orleans, LA;  Phoenix, AZ;  Buffalo, NY;  Erie, PA;  Rochester, NY;  Boston, MA;  Santa Rosa, CA;  Denver, CO

But something even more exciting has happened this year.  We moved from Douglassville, PA (Philadelphia area)  to Kirkland, WA and I now live near Seattle.  We moved ourselves with a little help from our friends, driving across the country with a moving truck and 2 cars but we made it in one piece.  We are renting a small place for now but I have a tiny space for working when I am not travelling for Baby Lock.

Here we are in the Badlands of South Dakota on our way to Seattle - bad hair day

Here is where I will be going for the rest of the year:

Grand Rapids & Lansing, MI;  Sanford, ME;  Nashville/Knoxville, TN;  Fresno, CA;  Chautauqua, NY;  Pottstown, PA;  Occoquan, VA;  Manasses, VA;  Richmond, VA  Martinsvill, VA; Frnaklin, NC;  Ashville, NC;  Columbus, OH;  Cleveland, OH;  Rochester, MN;  Beaver Dam, WI;  Buffalo, NY;  Fargo, ND;  Minneapolis, MN;  Chicago, IL;  Lincoln, NB;  Appleton, WI;  and maybe Winston-Salem, NC. 

 If you live anywhere near any of these places and want to take an Embellisher class check out my website Itinerary and the details will be posted there as they become available.  Go to the following link to see what is happening where:

I don’t get as much creating done as I used to but I have all my ideas in print and online in case I forget. Seeing the students  creativity blossom helps me to feel I am still producing art and love through others.

I had to delete many of the previous comments because they were spam.  I hope to hear from any of you that would care to post but please, no one named anonymous.

And for those of you that landed here and NOT interested in Embellishing, let me introduce you to my grandchildren:

Collin, Simon and Collin - the sons of my identical twin boys (now men)