Monday, August 20, 2012

Babylock Tech St. Louis

I will be leaving for a conference in St. Louis this weekend called Babylock Tech.  It is a trade show where dealers and businesses in the sewing world converge to sell their wares to each other, learn what is new in the market and take classes.  I will be set up in an area where I will be demonstating the Babylock Embellisher machine to anyone who passes by and wants to try it out or just watch. I will be doing this day and night so it will be intensive but a wonderful opportunity to show dealers how to use this machine and all that it can do.  I will be offering a free pattern for dealers to use in their shop classrooms to introduce customers to the Embellisher machine.  Here is a preview of the project and I will post the directions as soon as I have permission to do so after the event.

Autumn Leaf Placemats
 On an entirely different note, I just got back from North Carolina where I was able to hold my second grandchild this year, Collin Elias Hall.