Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rolling Machine For Wet Felting Update

I just wanted to update you all that I did indeed run my scarf under the needles of my Babylock Embellisher and the result was just perfect.  The fibers are now stable without losing their curly look and I can wear the scarf without worrying about chunks of fiber falling off.  The scarf looks exactly the same, except it is now a little flatter and less "fuzzy." 
Finished Scarf

Here is another photo I loved that I wanted to share.  This is a basket full of wool roving with hand-dyed curls in the center, firestar trilobal fibers around it, wool roving and silk draped over the edges.  I used this to demonstrate machine needle felting, when I did my book signing event here in Birdsboro, PA.

I am going away for 3 weeks, first to Cancun Mexico and then to California to help my daughter-in-law and son with my first grandchild.  I will take a lot of pictures that will hopefully appear in felted form some day. 

Wool Arrangement

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