Sunday, January 9, 2011

Building a Felted Painting Part 2

Using the Clover pen style and the 5 needle tools, I began felting down the lightest colors on the right sides of the bottles.  The hand felting tools tack the roving in place so that when I put the piece under the needles of the Babylock  Embellisher, the roving stays in place.  I also used a piece of large-hole netting over top of the roving when felting on the machine to stabilize the roving and keep it from catching on the foot as the needle head passes over the wool. 

Next I added the medium and dark colors to the bottles and the table top.  Again I tacked the roving in place with the Clover tools, then felted the whole surface on the Embellisher machine. 

I added more details to the bottles and added color to the shadows on the table to simulate the strong sunlight light streaming through the bottles onto the table.

I added the blending colors to unify the edges of color on thebottles and added another layer of color to the table top to bring it to the gray color I wanted it to be.  I used warm beige with a layer of light blue over top to create gray.  Notice the bottles have rounded form with dark, medium and light areas using different colored roving and felting it down. 

In the photo below you can see the bottles are almost finished and I added dark brown with a dark blue layer to create the gray shadows on the sides of the tables.

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