Monday, January 24, 2011

Building a Felted Painting Finale

This is the last installment of the Bottle Study Tutorial.  This week, I am showing a picture of the back side of the needle felted piece, which has been quilted.  This is called "Mock Trapunto" to quilters, when you put a piece of batting behind an area and quilt around it so that it puffs up more than any other area in the piece.  I used a Walking Foot on my sewing machine and invisible thread and sewed around each bottle.  Then I carefully cut away all the batting between the bottles so that only the bottles would have batting behind them.  I used wool batting.

After that I decided where I would position the piece on a gallery wrapped frame (from Dick Blick) that was 24" x 36".  I like the gallery wrapped frame because the canvas acts as a liner for the artwork stretched around it.  It was also much cheaper, for some reason, than buying frames with no canvas attached.  I began the task of stapling the piece on the back side from the centers out to the sides.  I carefully wrapped the corners and stapled them in place.

After stapling the felted textile onto the back of the gallery wrapped frame, I made a back for it and pinned it in place.  I did this by drawing around the frame with a pencil onto some heavy fusible stabilizer, cut it out, and fused it onto a piece of woven twill in a coordinating color.  I cut the twill 1/2 inch larger than the stabilizer and turned the edges under.  Here is a picture of the whole thing pinned in place on the back side.

I hand sewed the back onto the stapled textile and nailed some hanging devices in place. 

Here is a photo of the finished piece showing the front and side views so you can see how it looks mounted on a frame and standing out from the wall.  The trapunto made the bottles stand out a little but not as much as I hoped it would.  Maybe next time I will use a higher loft batting so the bottles stand out more.

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