Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cape Cod House

I finally finished another machine needle felted painting.  This time I tried a house and garden scene on Cape Cod.  I followed an oil painting tutorial about underpainting  colors by Lois Griffel and I think it translated well to using wool.
You can see the photo I was following, the pastel painting I did first and then the final wool painting.  I still need to wet felt it and fill in some holes and crisp it up a bit but it's finally where I can show it.  I don't know if I will put it into a quilt with borders or wrap it on an artists frame like the Bottle Study.  Many of the ideas I've had about creating this wool painting medium have worked out the way I thought they would.  I used many different types of fibers from my stash and they truly do create the look I was after when I tried them. For example, the house has an underpainting of yellow wool, then an overlay of a multicolor wool roving.  The front of the house in shadow has a blue underpainting with a darker multicolor roving spread very thin on top.  I use merino wool for its long, thin fibers, and the shorter Waldorf wool I dyed myself as the "working wool" as underpainting, filling holes and wherever I needed fluffy non-linear color.  The star of the show I think is the Peace Fleece.  It creates the foliage instantly and easily and brings everything to life.  I wouldn't be without it and I have many colors in my stash, just for this purpose.  To see more about Peace Fleece, go to and click on the retail catalog.  Click on Felting, Spinning, roving, then click on Felting and Wool Crafts and scroll down to the batting. 

                                                        Cape Cod House Wool Painting

                                                      Cape Cod House Pastel Painting
                                                            Cape Cod House Photo

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