Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cape Cod House Finished

Here is the finished version of the wool painting called, "Cape Cod House."  I used upholstery fabric for the borders because it seems to look very textural and more appropriate to the texture of the painting.  I am giving this one as a gift and will try it again, only larger.  I have some more ideas for using nepps and burrs in the foliage, but I have to dye them first and the scale of the piece needs to be large enough to accomodate them. 

These are the nepps and burrs, which are large and small crumbs of wool that are hand-dyed and mixed in with wool roving when felting trees and bushes in place.  They have to be used sparingly but really add depth, texture and dimension to the finished piece.  I purchase these in bulk and then dye them myself. 

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