Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have been quilting for many years and seemed to gravitate toward surface texture and fabrics other than cotton for quilts.  As a matter of fact I hardly ever shop in a quilt shop anymore.  I started using sheers, satins, unholstery fabrics, etc. in my work and it seemed to work much better for mixed media ideas.  After Halloween was over I would often have wonderful but very cheap fabrics to stock up on in my stash that can't be found any other time of the year.  Those fabrics end up in my mixed media quilts. 
I have been subscribing to Workshop on the Web (an online magazine by Maggie Grey) tutorials for 7 years now and they are a wealth of information for a  quilter who is moving toward more artistic and expressive work.  When I discovered machine needle felting I could see the potential for more realistic and interesting landscapes - especially skyscapes.  I am in the process of adapting pastel painting techniques to needle felted wool art.  I will post the results when they are finished.  I have learned a lot about different types of sheep, wool and other fibers and where they work best in composing a landscape.  More to come on that in the future. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm new to blogging but am excited about getting to know other machine needle felters and what they are doing with their art work.